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Education is the field in which we must all agree to toil.

                                                                           Paulo Friere
Math Best Practices

8 Qualities

1. allow students to see math is an interconnected set of ideas
2. understand the concepts and use them powerfully
3. the five intertwined processes
4. able to use concepts, operations, and computational procedures
5. all students must have opportunity to use algebra and reason algebraically throughout k-12 school years
6. geometry and measurement concepts are best learned through real-world experiences and problems
7. concepts from statistics, data, chances, and probability thrive on real world applications
8. assessment should help teachers better understand what students know and future decisions on teaching activities

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Science Best Practices

National Science Education Standards

*Consists of a set of teaching standards, standards for professional development for teachers, standards for meaningful assessment, and content standards for student achievement.
*The central goals for teaching and learning science, according to the national standards, are understanding large ideas and themes and developing inquiring habits of mind.
*The standards provides goals for high-quality science teaching and learning and for leading more students to enter science fields. 

11 Qualities of Best Science Practices

1. Students need opportunities to explore the significance of science in their lives.
2. Science study should involve doing science, that is, questioning and discovering –not just covering- material.
3. Effective hands-on inquiry involves a series of steps that builds students’ investigative skills.
4. Meaningful science study will aim to develop thinking, problem solving, and attitudes of curiosity, healthy skepticism, and openness to modifying explanations.
5. Science education can build a knowledge base focused on essential concepts, rather than disconnected topics or bits of information.
6. Students should explore fewer topics in depth, not skim many superficially.
7. Students grow out of misconceptions and naïve theories only by actively engaging in investigation.
8. Learning science means integrating reading, writing, speaking, and math.
9. Students need to consider issues of application of science and technology.
10. Good science teaching involves facilitation, collaborative group work, and a limited, judicious use of information giving.
11. Meaningful assessment of students’ learning in science must promote the objectives of a good science curriculum, and not undermine them.

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